WHETO's role includes:

  1. enhancing economic and trade liaison – to enhance economic and trade relations between Hong Kong and the five provinces of Hubei, Hunan, Shanxi, Jiangxi and Henan by co-operating closely with the local authorities and relevant organisations;
  2. enhancing mutual understanding – to report to the HKSAR Government on the development of the provinces concerned and to provide information on the HKSAR to the local authorities and relevant organisations;
  3. enhancing co-operation – to enhance co-operation with the provinces concerned, including exploring co-operation opportunities, and assisting in the formulation and implementation of co-operation initiatives;
  4. assisting in taking forward initiatives – to assist bureaux/departments of the HKSAR Government to take forward initiatives related to the provinces concerned such as liaison with relevant local authorities and organisations, data collection and monitoring progress etc.;
  5. tendering advice – to advise the HKSAR Government on policies and initiatives on fostering relations between Hong Kong and the provinces concerned. Relevant tasks may include information collection, research, formulation of strategies, and assessment of proposed initiatives, etc.;
  6. supporting Hong Kong residents and enterprises – to keep contact with different groups of Hong Kong residents living, working or studying in the area concerned; to liaise with Hong Kong enterprises in the provinces concerned and provide them with information and assistance as far as possible, to reflect and follow up on issues of general concern among Hong Kong enterprises through effective channels, and to collect and disseminate to the Hong Kong enterprises information on local policies, regulations and measures as well as on local economic development;
  7. attracting investment – to attract local companies to invest in Hong Kong and to proactively provide information and assistance to them;
  8. promoting Hong Kong – to promote Hong Kong's strengths and positive image through communication and publicity targeted at different sectors in the provinces concerned, with a view to nurturing economic and trade relations and enhancing mutual understanding and respect.
  9. assisting Hong Kong residents/ HKSAR passport replacement service – to provide substantial assistance to Hong Kong residents in need of help in the Mainland; and to provide HKSAR passport replacement service for eligible applicants with a valid HKSAR permanent identity card.