14 Dec

Director of WHETO visits Xiaogan Municipality of Hubei Province (with photos)

12 Nov

"The Tragedy of Macbeth" staged in Wuhan today (with photos)

12 Nov

Seminar on 21 November 2019 (Chinese Only)

5 Nov

Seminar on 29 November 2019 (Chinese Only)

31 Oct

Director of WHETO visits Chibi in Xianning Municipality of Hubei Province (with photos)

26 Sep

Seminar on mid-November (Chinese Only)

20 Sep

Hunan Liaison Unit helps Hong Kong food and catering associations and enterprises to participate in 2019 China International Food & Catering Expo (with photos)

8 Aug

Questionnaire (Chinese Only)

5 Jul

Seminar on 18 July (Chinese Only)

27 Jun

HKETO in Wuhan hosts Reception for the 22nd Anniversary of the Establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (with photos)

31 May

Seminar on 19 June (Chinese Only)

27 May

Seminar on 17 June (Chinese Only)

25 Mar

Seminar on 30 March (Chinese Only)

13 Mar

WHETO hosts event in Zhengzhou (with photos)

26 & 28 Feb

WHETO hosts events in Changsha and Wuhan to celebrate Chinese New Year (with photos)

20 Feb

Seminar on 7 March (Chinese Only)